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Erica's first time...

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Erica arrived early, wearing an appealing yet modest summer dress. We embraced, and chatted lightly. Erica was a shy 22 year old university student, with an innocent and pleasant manner.

We "met" by chance on a Yahoo enema group in 2003 and were in fairly regular contact online. I was a little concerned she might not be who she claimed to be as such things were unheard of at that time. I managed to coax her onto the phone at one point, and once I heard her soft little voice on the other end of the phone I started to take things a bit more seriously.

Erica was still a virgin, and learning to come out of her shell. She fantasized about D/s extensively for as long as she could remember, much to the detriment of a vanilla life. It was never good enough. She was an "anal slave" at heart, and enema obsessed due to having them forced upon her when she was younger. She was very much a keyboard dreamer, and admittedly very nervous about a great many things.

At times we had mutually set a date to get together to simply meet up for the first time, and she would usually back out or had excuses for whatever reasons. She would then reappear online, looking to "chat" (ie, masturbate). Seeing as we were living about a half-hour away from each other, I decided the relationship would no longer have an "online option". It was either going to be real-time or over. After all, a young, real world university woman that had a genuine erotic interest in enemas was tantamount to a winning lottery ticket... and it was mine.

"Its time," I interrupted. She paused and frowned, almost having forgotten why she was here and that she was to be punished for her flakiness.

I pulled her across my lap by the arm. She squirmed around cautiously, trying to get comfortable while still in her dress. She felt awkward and was shy about removing her clothing. We had discussed the issue beforehand, and I agreed to allow her to stay partially clothed.

I hiked her summer dress up. It looked like something a mormon sister wife might wear on a weekend. Underneath she was wearing a high-cut, white cotton pair of brief panties. I almost laughed out loud at her outward purity, but managed not to.

Squeezing both of her ass cheeks, I felt the soft material of her innocent white panties. They were so soft against her tender young ass. Her cheeks tightened with my touch, so I rubbed them for a while, causing them to relax. As I took my hand away and raised it, I felt her whole body clench up with anticipation as it felt the sudden absence.

"SMACK..." she struggled and whimpered. I decided to spank her extra hard, to be sure it could be felt through the material of her panty covered ass. A stinging crash, rippled through the air, one cheek at a time. Two dozen swats was enough to get her crying, but not audibly. I rubbed her ass until the crying subsided.

She felt my cock unabashedly poke up at her as she lay still on my lap. She was somewhat glad that I was attracted to her, but she was also anxious as she knew once aroused I might make her do things we had not previously discussed.

"Did you do as you were told?" I prompted, as I rubbed her asshole with my index finger through the material of her panties.

"Yes sir, I held it in all day like you said to." Erica replied, in a slightly humiliated tone.

Erica was instructed not to poo today, or the day before as there was to be a special punishment for her. However, I was not naive enough to attempt to "punish" her with the forced enema punishment she so badly craved. She masturbated with alarming regularity to the thought of such a thing. She was in need of proper punishment. A real punishment.

Realizing her panties were wet, and there was now a damp spot forming on my pant leg I scolded her for enjoying the spanking and being such a pervert. I ordered her to stand and completely remove her soaked panties. She reluctantly stood and looked at me, about to "step out" of the scene like a dilettante and reaffirm that she had issues with being unclothed in front of men.

"You don't have a choice", I said. Before she could say anything.

Her mind reeled "no", but her eager, dripping womanhood screamed "yes" and didn't care. She quickly reached down and swiftly removed her panties, as if changing in a public locker room. Her child bearing hips and a thick patch of untrimmed pussy hair briefly flashed in front of me... then her dress lightly fluttered back into place obscuring my view.

Her eyes darted around, suddenly she wasn't sure about where she should place the pair of wet panties. She found my outstretched, waiting hand and placed them there as she tried to neatly fold them.

I pulled her back down over my lap, pulling her dress up over her naked ass and smacking it a dozen more times. She cried a little bit more, but suddenly went silent. I wasn't sure what to make of it and was about to ask if she really wanted to continue or not. Then I noticed a puddle of her female goo, dripping onto my pant leg from her pussy.

"You are really starting to try my patience, aren't you?"

She said nothing.

"Oh I see, are you having trouble speaking through the gag?", I asked.

"What? what gag?" she said in confusion. Before she could say anything else, I stuffed her wet panties into her open mouth. She tried to spit them out as my hand held them in place, covering her mouth. The big wet spot left by her pussy on the fabric of the panties had lost some of its warmth.

"Don't you even think about it." I said, as I pulled her up by her hair to look me in the eye. She tried to shake her head up and down, in what I assumed to be agreement and I released her.

I reached for a latex glove and snapped it on. I ran my gloved finger across her tight, unexplored pussy. Avoiding her clit, I opened up her hairy pussy lips and found her to be slick with wetness. My gloved fingers were now wet too. Satisfied with the level of lubrication, I shoved my index finger all the way up her asshole, taking her completely by surprise. She grunted and moaned into the pair of dirty panties.

I wiggled my finger around in her ass as she braced herself against my relentless probing. Her ass was indeed very full. This was causing her a noticeable level of "comfortable discomfort" as I intentionally drew out my examination. Eventually she was trying to thrust her hips upward, against my finger to make it go in deeper, but it was already buried to the hilt.

"Very good." I said, as I abruptly yanked my finger out causing a moan of disappointment  "I'm happy for your sake you followed my instructions and have not relieved yourself. This is now my ass, and it will do as I please."

I then opened the box of extra strength suppositories I had stashed and held one of the foil wrapped treasures in my hand. I rolled it around, inspecting it with appreciation. I unwrapped the foil and placed it at the entrance to her needy asshole.

Erica steadied herself and was very curious about the smooth, inanimate texture and shape being pushed inside her. Slowly I guided it, suspecting that she might enjoy it if I shoved it in again.

Erica moaned into her panty gag, as she felt a little pinch on the inside and the suppository entered into depths she didn't know she had. Having reached the "end of the line", I pushed it up that extra little bit and withdrew my dirty finger from her asshole.

"Stand up" I commanded, as I removed the glove and got up to retrieve a few items from the bathroom.

Erica looked on in confusion at my return. She was expecting to see me holding a full red enema bag and she was planning on pretending that she didn't want that. I arranged the mysterious items from the bathroom on the floor: an underpad, baby powder, a thick white adult diaper, and a pretty pair of adult-sized pastel pink plastic underpants.

"Open," I said. She opened her mouth and I removed the smelly panties. "You can have these back once you decide to start acting like a big girl."

I unfolded the underpad and told her to lay down on it. She stood there in horror, still staring at the thick diaper.

"NOW" I said, with visible anger. She quickly snapped out of it, and decided to lay down. She did not make any eye contact as she centred herself on the underpad and laid there with her legs firmly pressed closed.

I pulled her dress up past her waist and grabbed her legs at the knees, easily forcing them open. She made some indecipherable noises of protest as I overpowered her with very little effort. She would still not look at me and just laid there. Her pussy was hot, full, dark and the hair was very thick. Matted by the wetness swimming in between her thighs. With her legs open wide, her scent started to fill the room. She was visibly embarrassed and now blushing.

I reached for the baby powder and started to powder her most private inner areas. I paused at her tender pussy lips, and ran my finger slowly up the slit again, but this time I rested my finger on her clit. Her heart thumped, and she felt a shock of electricity at the touch of another to this most sensitive of areas.

I rubbed it a little, toying with it. To tease her and get her more comfortable with her situation. After all, she was only a beginner. Erica felt the suppository starting to melt and tingle, deep within her ass. This sensation drove her wild, and she began to thrust her hips upwards in a circular motion to meet the motions on her clitoris.

I edged her closer and she responded, nearing the start of a very quick orgasm. The sort that can sneak up on unsuspecting women that are far too aroused for their own good. Knowing she could very well lose her nerve if she came, I pulled my finger away.

"Not so fast", I said. The finger that was about to drive her over the edge was now waving in her face in disapproval.

I told her to lift her butt up off the ground as I slid the thick diaper underneath her and fastened its tabs. She appeared to enjoy the snug sensation and found it oddly familiar and comforting. It covered her pussy back up, which she was thankful for. She lifted her butt up again as I pulled up the pair of tight pink plastic pants. Pink after all was her favourite color, so there would be no need for her to protest this further indignity.

I helped her up off the ground. Her modest dress fell back into place and the bulky diaper wasn't actually very noticeable, unless you knew to look for it.

"You took your spanking well" I said. "For good girls, there is always a reward".

With that I opened the front door, inviting her back outside to a nice summer day for a quick stroll to the waterfront. Erica was terrified at the thought of going out in public in a diaper. What if someone knew? What if the strong, seaward winds blew her dress up for all to see? Her pulse started to race and her chest was thumping. She was now standing there in the hallway, on the verge of a full blown panic attack.

She was also completely exhilarated like she never had been before. She felt her pussy stirring and starting to moisten the diaper. She would have stood there all day if I had let her, so I put her sandals on her feet for her and without any further discussion led her by her hand out the door.

After a brief walk we stopped for ice cream, at the little old ice cream shop. She was feeling better now. Bolder, even. She decided to impress me with some very careful tongue work as she licked her ice cream cone down to nothing. The gruff old man that owned the ice cream shop was working behind the counter. He pretended not to notice.

"Do you feel anything yet?" I asked as I patted her diapered bottom.

"No, not yet" she answered. She was lying.

"Good then, there is a great cafe across the street and we will have some coffee."

"Sure, I'd love a cup." Erica said in cheerful defiance.

Over our coffee we chatted for quite some time about about this and that. Erica was quite intelligent albeit shy, but was quickly opening up to me. There was just a slight hint of darkness and longing to her personality that most men would be unable to notice. It was also quite clear how turned on she was and appeared to be having a great time, like a real date. She was soon reminded of her predicament as she clutched her abdomen with a sudden alertness.

"Can we go back to your place please? I think I'm might have to go now and I can't do it here in front of all these people." She said.

I smiled, long and wide. In no particular hurry, I slowly took the last sip of my coffee. Her eyes watched me in slow-motion, and silently begged.


After a short walk we arrived back at my place.

She would more than likely have "stage fright", as a shy submissive will always have trouble regressing and undoing their toilet training. I was willing to allow some limited toilet privileges at first, and was even feeling charitable and gave her some privacy to ensure a proper outcome.

She sat on the toilet, in her diaper for a good 10 minutes. This prompted me to check on her, she looked up at me sheepishly. The bathroom smelled faintly of what it shouldn't.

"What are you doing in here?" I asked.

"Trying to poo... but I can't" she said.

"Oh really? Then why does it smell like your pussy in here?" I said, as I grabbed the hand which she was trying to hide. It was wet and sticky, with a tinge of baby powder. It had unmistakably been in her pussy.

"You were playing with yourself in here, weren't you??" I asked with incredulity.

"No sir, I wasn't masturbating!!" she said. A very poor liar, due to her strict upbringing.

"Are you really going to sit there and make it worse for yourself by lying? Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in you little brat?"

She just hung her head down, realizing she wasn't going to get off easy and this was a big deal.

"LOOK AT ME" I yelled, as I slapped her face. Not hard, but hard enough. She looked up, visibly frightened as her face reddened.

"I can't believe that you are so ungrateful that you would do this. After I was so generous with your privileges! You should be ashamed of yourself. You are a BAD. GIRL." I said, now face to face with her like a drill sergeant

"I'm sorry! I couldn't help it, I am so fucking horny right now! PLEASE let me make it up to you, I'll do anything you want... I'll suck your dick!" She pleaded.

"You'll do whatever I WANT you to do, WHEN I tell you to. You don't make those decisions and you do not negotiate with me. Are we clear?" I said.

"Yes sir, I'm so sorry... I ruined it didn't I? Please tell me how to fix this I don't want to be in trouble. I don't want you to be mad at me." She said, nearly in tears.

"For one thing, we are going to fix your foul mouth" I said, and grabbed the bar of soap from the sink and put it in her mouth before she even knew what was being done to her.

"You're a very bad girl! Do you understand me? You have a potty mouth, and a serious behaviour problem!" I yelled into her face. She winced at the taste of the soap, and it brought back memories of her childhood. A tear streamed down her cheek.

She looked ridiculous. Sitting on the toilet, with a diaper on. Still wearing her summer dress and now crying with a bar of soap in her mouth.

"Now I need to punish you for real, and make it hurt to teach you a lesson."

I reached into the vanity and retrieved a flesh colored inflatable, vibrating butt plug. In one hand I dangled the inflatable butt plug in front of her. She didn't look very afraid as she knew I had things that were much larger. With my other hand I squeezed the inflator.. one pump, two pumps, three pumps. Her eyes widened as I kept pumping it up until it was about as round as a softball.

"Stand up" I said.

She stood up, holding the bar of soap in her mouth like a puppy with a ball. She was petrified at the thought of letting go of it for fear of what may happen.

I immediately lifted her dress up over her head. "You no longer get to be shy" I said, as I undid her bra to reveal a pair of taught, little tits. She was very self-conscious about them, and they were just barely B-cups.

Her nipples however, were gigantic. She was wise to hide them from me. They were easily the largest I've ever seen in person or anywhere else. They stuck out like a pair of bullets and they kept growing as the air rushed over them. I immediately grabbed one and squeezed. It responded by becoming rock hard in between my fingers. I began to twist. Slightly at first, then much harder as she groaned in pleasure and pain.

"We will most definitely have to do something about these" I said. With that, I retrieved a set of adjustable nipple clamps from the drawer. Usually half-tension can be a safe bet to start with, but for these amazing nipples... I wanted to be sure she was uncomfortable. Only full tension would suffice.

"OOooowwwww!!!!" slowly oozed out of Erica's mouth, along with some tiny soap bubbles as I carefully released the clamp onto her nipple. With indifference, it latched onto her with all its strength and dug into her tender young flesh.

She started to pout and whimper in anticipation of the other clamp.

I tweaked her free nipple to get it fully hard enough for the other clamp. After some flicking she took the second clamp quite well, much better this time. I suppose the anticipation was actually worse for her. I removed the bar of soap from her mouth, and ran the tap, allowing her to rinse her mouth out and spit.

While bent over the bathroom vanity with her mouth under the faucet, I quickly yanked her diaper down. It smelt like piss, baby powder, and sex. I'll never forget that combination. I opened a drawer to get an old hairbrush out. The brush wasn't any good at brushing hair, but its weight and slight curve made it exceptional for the kinds of spankings that went a little too far.

I slammed it down on her ass, as hard as I could. She jumped up from the sink and screamed out, like a startled deer caught drinking from a river. I grabbed her by her shoulders and told her to calm down, feet planted firmly on the floor or it would get much, much worse than this. I eased up, but only slightly, as I struck the other ass cheek with the hairbrush. She did not make nearly the same fuss but she grit her teeth and hardened her facial expression.

After about 20 or so smacks with the hairbrush to each cheek they were bright, bright red. She had gone from stone face to balling, miserably  Her "never run" mascara was even starting to run a bit now. I didn't even realize she had any on. I put my palm flat on her ass and her skin was very hot. Too hot in fact making it necessary to stop.

I grabbed the buttplug and dangled it in front of her again, hoisting it up by the inflation tube and power cord. Her eyes followed it as it swayed back and forth in her face, like a menacing serpent.

"Kiss it," I said.

She really didn't want to, having a vague idea about where it has been.

"SMACK" as my hand crashed down onto her stinging ass cheek.

"Please no, I can't... its disgusting. I can't do this" she said, visibly nervous.

"Yes, you can" I whispered into her ear as I grabbed a handful of her burning red ass and squeezed it as hard as I could. It was like holding fire in the palm of my hand.

She relented and slowly began to open her mouth to accommodate the plug. I guided it in, as her mouth widened to greet the unwelcome guest. She felt it come to rest fully on her tongue, and she closed her eyes in disbelief with what she was now doing.

I took a moment to admire my handy-work. I was just reminded that she had the most amazing set of full, pouty red lips. I could see them protrude fully as they wrapped around the base of the buttplug. Her ruby red lipstick made a slight, pinkish stain on the flesh colored latex.

"Good," I said. "I want you to get that butt plug nice and wet."

I pumped the inflator on the plug and started to rub her ass cheek to offer her some positive encouragement. She did not respond. I pumped the inflator on the buttplug again and she murmured a bit, opening her eyes. One more pump, and she was starting to sound distressed as it was beginning to engulf her mouth.

I let the inflator go, and came up closer behind her and grabbed her perky little tits from behind. I immediately squeezed them as hard as I could. She moved her arms out of the way and adjusted herself, allowing me to grope and manhandle her in a way very few women appreciate - her included. She offered no resistance... only a pouty face as the nipple clamps and their chain happily jingled around like sleigh bells, adding to her grief.

I eventually eased up, nibbling on her ear and now handling her with a bit more civility. She responded and looked more sexual and a little less defeated. She was now watching herself in the mirror and her eyes slowly met mine in the reflection. I bent her head down slightly, and pointed to the reflection of her face in the mirror.

Reaching under her chin, I slowly moved my hand up to her mouth. I tugged lightly at the base of the partially inflated butt plug. She opened her lips slightly, to allow it passage. She continued to stare into the mirror at her reflection, as if hypnotized.

I started to carefully fuck her mouth with the butt plug, in and out, very delicately. She gagged a little bit, but was co-operating as best she could. Eventually she managed to keep pace, mouth wide open and doing an adequate job. The entire buttplug was now covered in slobber and lipstick marks. For a brief moment as I watched her watch herself, I could have sworn she was enjoying this.

I deflated the butt plug and slowly withdrew it from her mouth. Her eyes were fixed on the plug as it emerged. A bead of drool poured off the tip and her eyes followed it to the ground.

I told her to spread her legs, and hold her ass cheeks open as she bent over the vanity. She did so without pause or hesitation. I fetched another suppository from the medicine cabinet, and unwrapped the foil. I placed the tip of the suppository up against her asshole and gently pushed it in. There was no need to shove it in deep this time as the butt plug would do it for me.

I had recently found liquid glycerine on a trip to a pharmacy, and decided to lubricate her asshole with it. My concern was the second suppository might not be enough to make her interested in regaining the use of her diaper. She was "backed up" to say the least, but resistant to my motivations.

I grabbed the battery power pack of the butt plug and turned it on all the way. It started to hum reassuringly. I pressed the tip of the buttplug up against her glistening, wet asshole. At first she groaned in pleasure at the new vibrating sensation. It turned into a sobering whine as I intentionally pushed the buttplug in, just a tad too fast. I suppose she realized it was going to feel a lot bigger than it looked.

I managed to push it half way in before she started to make a fuss. She asked whether it was in all the way yet or not. I said it was only half-way in. She started to plead that she couldn't take anymore and that it was much too big for her and hurt too much. I told her to calm down, and relax. To take 10 very deep breaths, inhale and exhale and everything will be fine.

She did as she was told, and soon I could feel her body relax and her asshole starting to loosen its vice like grip on the plug. I began to push a bit harder than before and to my surprise it almost slipped in all the way. Unfortunately it hit the "dead end" and simply would not go in past its widest point.

"Pull it out, pull it out, pull it out, please pull it out!" she blurted out, while dancing frantically on the spot, shifting her weight from side to side.

At this point, I was fairly fed up with her. I don't know what came over me, but as the butt plug rested in her ass at its most thickest part, I grabbed the inflator and squeezed it as hard as I could.

She screamed, for real this time as the butt plug felt like it was going to split her open. That was definitely loud enough for the neighbours to hear, I thought to myself. She was now frantically standing up on her tippy-toes trying to somehow get away from the firmly lodged butt plug.

"Are you done yet, or would you like more?" I asked, as she looked and saw the inflator resting in the palm of my hand, cheerfully awaiting the next squeeze.

"Oh gosh I'm sorry, please make it stop!" she said in a serious, desperate sounding voice. She was still standing up on her tippy toes, dancing from one side to the other. Satisfied with her empty little apology, I released the air from the plug.

As she sighed in relief and lowered herself back to the floor, I grabbed her by the shoulder and firmly pressed her down while simultaneously shoving the butt plug up with my other hand. She was essentially forced to sit down on the butt plug, and it shot all the way up her ass in one swift motion. She cried out in pain, but started to feel instantly relieved from no longer having her asshole stretched so wide. The butt plug was now properly inserted and humming away inside her.

This was all so very new to her, she had no idea what she was feeling anymore. The butt plug hurt so much going in but the vibrating was now starting to feel really good. All she knew for certain was that she was going to have to use her diaper very soon as the combination of the suppositories, glycerine and vibration were starting to take effect.


"Now that your new friend is in there Erica, I think we are going to play a little game." I said.

"It's called 'how many pumps?' and the way it works is quite simple. I find out how good of a cocksucker you can be, by seeing how many pumps it takes to motivate you to make me want me to cum. Once I cum, you will be allowed back into your diaper. Does that sound like fun?"

She nodded quickly and got down on her knees in front of me. I picked up and squeezed the inflator, slowly. She looked at me, confused. Now that the butt plug was in, the inflation felt great, and she wanted more. She would have given anything just for a minute to herself to enjoy the new sensations. I squeezed again, and feeling the new bulge in her ass she decided she better not test me.

She unzipped my pants and quickly took my cock out. She licked along the top, and underside the shaft. She didn't really know what she was doing but enjoyed finally getting to taste my rock hard cock.

She wrapped her incredible lips around the head and took approximately three-quarters of it into her mouth. Her thick pouty lips felt absolutely amazing - but I wasn't going to let her know that. I squeezed the inflator and felt her moan on my cock. That also felt amazing. so I squeezed the inflator again.

"Owwwwwwwwww!!" she moaned into my cock in protest, as her ass started to stretch just a little past its limit. The tingling sensation of the glycerine worsened to a burning with the stretching, she had to go very badly now but couldn't.

With this new motivation, her technique improved greatly. She started to forcefully move her lips up and down my shaft with great purpose. She looked like a complete slut and her eyes stared back at mine, hungry for my approval. As a reward, I let some air out from the plug. Her pace quickened, and my balls tightened. This was so much fun that I didn't want it to end quite so quickly. I couldn't let her know how easily she could get me off, whenever she wanted to.

Grabbing her by the hair I pulled her off from my cock, which she fought desperately to keep her mouth in service to. It was like trying to wrestle a hungry dog away from the family dinner table. Very obstinate, but ultimately she would lose the struggle. She was now breathing heavily, mouth wide open in frustration. She wanted to make me cum so badly.

I gave her one more pump. She looked up at me and made a face, as if she was being treated unfairly. I told her she was being far too eager, and with that I gave her one last big pump, and then another quick one before she had a chance to whine. She yelped in discomfort and started squirming, desperately rocking her hips up and down against the invasion. "Pleeasse... I have to poo so bad... its burning... pleeease let the air out".

I consoled her, lovingly holding her head and sympathetically stroking the side of her cheek. I brushed her hair out of her face and neatly held it back with great care. Closing my grip on her hair, I swung my cock onto her face and used it to pry open her ruby lips. This was met with a rather curious expression, as I held her head tightly in place by her hair and she attempted to suck again but could not move.

I started to pump my hips, forcing my cock in and out of her waiting mouth like a piston. This was more like it. She made some noises like she was gargling, then gagging, then back to slurping. It was a little late for her to mention whether she wanted to be face fucked or not. She knew she didn't have a choice, and didn't want one.

It did not take much longer for me to climax, I felt the usual pressure build and I did not hesitate. I shot a huge, thick load of cum right into her mouth with no warning whatsoever.

She choked immediately, as the first spurt splashed across the back of her unsuspecting throat with surprise. To her credit, she managed to keep her mouth on my cock through the ordeal. She was quite unwilling to risk any further disappointment on my part. I pulled out of her mouth, leaving it half-full. She swallowed the huge slimy load and made an unhappy face as she caught her breath.

I released the air from the plug, and she immediately relaxed her body with great relief. I tugged, gently at the base of the butt plug and the smelly plug plopped out quite easily.

I pulled her diaper back up, re-securing the tabs and pulling her cute little pink plastic pants up for one last time.

Helping her off the floor like a gentleman, we left the bathroom in favor of the couch. It was looking far more comfortable to both of us at that point. I sat down first while she stood there, looking at me with trepidation. I motioned her over, turning her around and pulling her down to sit on my lap.

I rubbed the outside of her padded crotch for a while, testing again to see if she would start complaining. She remained silent. So I reached down the front of her diaper, through her folds and found my way to her hungry clit. It was rock hard, like finding a pebble in wet sand. I started to rub. She inhaled deeply, and held her breath. Her face went red, like she was ready to burst.

"Would you like to cum now, Erica?", I breathed into her ear.

All she did was moan unintelligibly and rocked back and forth, as if in another world.

I stopped moving my hand and gave her nipple clamps a hard tug, hard enough to pull them off. She was very much brought back to the here and now.

"YES, Please yes," Erica said, almost in annoyance as she comforted her aching nipples with the palms of her hands.

"If you want to cum you have to fill your diaper first" I said, as I began to stroke her clit again. "Can you be a good girl and do that?" I asked.

She moaned in agreement, hypnotically grinding her hips against the invisible nothing and started to buck against my hand. Her nipples hurt more and more as the blood flowed back, and she loved it. I rubbed her pussy harder, causing her to be panicked by her approaching orgasm.

Suddenly, she bit her lip, and firmly pressed her ass down onto my lap and released a loud thundering crackle as she filled her diaper. The mess quickly exploded, taking shape and rapidly overflowed through the pristine white edges of the diaper and into the plastic pants. No longer pink, nor innocent, they still managed to do their job.

She screamed and began to shake as she felt the warm mess erupt from below. When she felt the thick mass come to press firmly against her, she lost control and an orgasm finally overpowered her. She came harder and longer than she ever thought possible. It was almost embarrassing it went on for so long. She even peed a little bit in my hand as the spasms overtook her. Erica was completely unaware of her indiscretion, like an over-excited pet. I supposed I could let it slide, for now.

Eventually, she stopped her gyrations and was still. Erica was exhausted, and half standing at this point. Slowly, she returned back to reality... in a state of disbelief and shock.

I pulled on her arm, to motion her back down onto my lap. She sighed and went limp with obedience. There was an audible squishing sound as she planted herself firmly back onto my lap. I withdrew my hand from the front of her diaper and wrapped both arms around her and held her tightly. We both changed position at the same time to lay down, now cuddling on the couch.

"How was that?" I asked.

She didn't say anything at all for a while. Then she motioned her head back to my ear.

"I think I need an enema" she answered, in a soft little voice as she smiled and closed her eyes.

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